Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stamp Sets Forsale

Spring Solitude Wood Mount Stamp Set $ 7.00

Of the Earth Wood Mount Stamp Set $ 10.00

Clear Mount Stamp Set $5.00 SOLD

Clear Mount Stamp Set $5.00

Hi Ladies,

Here is the start of the items with pics that I have forsale. Please either leave a comment if you are intrested in one or e-mail at


Addicted Scrapper said...

I want the clear mount with the I love you MOM

Nicolette said...

Do you have a pay pal account? I will put aside the stamp set with I love you Mom for you. More updates to come soon on more items for sale.

Addicted Scrapper said...

I do have a paypal. I can take the check for the kit too out of the envelope and rip it and send you the payment for both at once and then you can also combine the items for shipping. Are you going to post any other pics of items your going to sell.

Nicolette said...

No problem you can send payment for the kit and the stamp set at the same time. I will put them in the same box for shipping. I'm going to be posting more pics on my blog that I will have for sale.