Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My friend Janice

Good Morning Ladies,

My awesome friend Janice over at Yesterday for her blog post she was talking about my Catch All Bags. Thank you Janice for the wonderful post about them. This is bag is a must have!! Great for you scrapbooking/stamping area, your car, for your TV. to hold snacks in etc. Also sell this cut things called Mug Huggers. They are perfect for stamping/scraping and more. If you are intrested in ordering any of this items please e-mail to We also take special orders. So if you would like more then one or if you have a cartain color you would like just let us know. The Catch all bag is $12.00 and the Mug Hugger is $4.00. Unfilled and it dosn't come with the cup. I will add pics of both items. Thanks so much.

Happy Stampin,


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