Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Hi Everyone,

It is a rainy Sunday in the San Fransico Bay Area. I have some cards to share that I didn't have time to finsh up at the Cards for Kasier event yesterday.

Kasier is in need for kids cards as well so my Mom made this cute elmo card. Elmo is made with punches.

I just love this new Awash with Flowers stamp set. I used this techquie called the Kissing but I add a twist to it. I post this a few month ago on how to do the techquie. I'm going to post it again for those you may have not seen it or just need a refresh.


1.Ink a patterned stamp

2.Press a solid,uninked stamp against the patterned stamp, transferring the pattern. The twist to this card is that I inked the patterned stamp set with a diffrent color and then got the solid image and twisted the stamp.

3. Stamp the solid image

Variation : before completing step 2, ink your solid stamp with a lighter color.

Here are the pics.

Thank you for looking. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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