Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two new technique for the month of Jan.

Hi Everyone,

My Mom and I went to a technique class last week. With our Stampin UP Mom Hope. We learned two new technique. They were reverse masking and reverse spotlighting.

First technique that I going to tell you how to make is the Reverse Masking.

Reverse Masking-

  1. Stamp your frame image twice: once on card stock and once on scrap paper.

  2. Cut out the middle of the frame image on your scrap paper.

  3. Align the mask over the original image.

  4. Stamp another image over the mask.

  5. Remove mask and finish project.

Here is a pic of the project that we made on Reverse Masking.

Reverse Spotlighting.

  1. Stamp images all over card stock.

  2. Randomly punch out desired shapes overlapping stamped images.

  3. Stamp and cut out the same images on a separte piece of card stock. Color as desired.

  4. Line up the images behind the punched holes.

  5. Mount piece to card stock, or to alternate color card stock.

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